Beauty at home: DIY Scrubs

It's cold... It's raining...


If there is a time to pamper yourself at home, this is definitely the time to do it. 


Pampering yourself is great way to rejuvenate your skin and de-stress from life in general. Block an afternoon off away from work and family and create a relaxing atmosphere: run a bath, light up some scented candles, turn off your phone and play some relaxing music...




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Why is exfoliating important?

Your skin has 3 layers: the epidermis which the outermost layer of skin, underneath you find the dermis and finally the hypodermis.

Exfoliating your skin removes the top layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis and encourages the turnover of live cells from the dermis. Your skin is constantly generating new cells skin from the dermis and by removing the top layer, your skin will feel refreshed, brighter and younger looking. Exfoliate 2/3 times a week but make sure to monitor how your skin reacts to the exfoliation. 


Easy DIY Scrubs:



All you need is brown sugar and honey (you can substitute with olive oil or coconut oil). Mix a teaspoon of sugar and honey and say goodbye to chapped lips... Beware: this is a delicious scrub!



Best ingredients to keep in your pantry for the best homemade facial scrub:

*Honey (anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal. Raw honey is an absolute must have for any homemade scrub)

*Sugar (Mix the sugar with any oil to make a paste and scrub on your face)

*Sea salt (great dry skin and stimulate cell growth. . Mix it with any oil and lavender essential oil for a great rejuvenating scrub)

*Oatmeal (its a very gentle exfoliant so perfect for sensitive skin. Mix with honey, scrub and let it sit for 15mins)

*Baking Soda (great for acne and can be used daily to exfoliate the face gently)

*Coconut oil or olive oil



Citrus salt or sugar scrub is our favorite. Perfect wake me up!

1/2 cup of sea salt or sugar

1/2 cup of your preferred oil 

1 teaspoon of citrus zest (lime. lemon, orange)

Mix it all and rub on skin in the shower.



Soak your feet in milk and water (1 part milk to 6 water) for 10 mins then gently rub your feet with baking soda.

The lactic acid in the milk exfoliates the skin leaving your feet smooth and clean and the baking soda will remove tougher skin and dry patches. 


Happy Scrubbing x