Enjoy your smoothie in a bowl!

If like us you love real good food then this is a must try for you. Green smoothie has become a staple in any healthy lifestyle. The benefits of incorporating spinach and kale in your diet are endless: dark green veggie are an essential source of vitamins, minerals and fibers.


After all, green is nature and Nature is good for all of us! I usually have green smoothie for breakfast but it can become dull and repetitive after a while until I discovered Smoothie Bowl. Make your smoothie as normal but add less liquid to make it thick. Choose any toppings you like, take a spoon and dig in… there is something very satisfying in having your smoothie with a spoon.

Here are some easy smoothie bowl recipes (clockwise)


Basic green smoothie: 1 or 2 cubes of frozen spinach or fresh spinach (or kale), 1 small banana. From there I add whatever I have in my kitchen that day: avocado, pear, apple, grapefruit, cucumber, celery date, chia seeds, whey protein, spirulina, matcha tea powder etc. For liquid: water, coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk are always my choices.

1* star shaped Sharon fruit with black sesame seeds

2* slices of fig and banana with roasted coconut and oats

3* fresh raspberries with sprinkle of cinnamon

4* cubes of fresh mango and melon, black sesame seeds, cinnamon and chili

5* roasted pineapple, toasted coconut with cube of avocado and black sesame seeds

6* granola and fresh figs


Happy Blending x