Why you should have 6 tastes in each meal...

Each meal should contain 6 tastes or Rasas according to Ayurveda.








Incorporating all 6 tastes in each meal will help you maintain a balanced diet and feeling satisfied at each meal time. It's also important to eat them in this order as it's the order in which each food is digested.


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SWEET (rice, pasta, dairy, sugar, honey, sweet potato, cereals...)

This has got to be one of the best diet tip ever! Don't give up on your carbs but you also get to have your dessert at the beginning of each meal because your carbs gets digested first.

SOUR (lemon, lime, vinegar, pickles, fermented foods, tamarind...)

The sour taste stimulates your taste bud and your appetite but also facilitate the digestion of what you ate just before. The sourness activates the salivary glands which produces the enzymes helping all the nutrients in the food get absorbed easily by the body. 


SALTY (sea salt, sea vegetables...)

The salty taste stimulates digestion, cleanses tissues and also increases the absorption of minerals. It's important to add it in our diet but be careful to not overdo on it as too much salt in our body have a negative impact on the blood and skin.  


PUNGENT (ginger, onion, garlic, mustard. hot spices...)

Considered as the hottest of all the Rasas, the pungent taste stimulates digestion, improves your appetite and blood circulation and overall heightens all of your senses.


BITTER (leafy greens, green and black tea, herbal teas...)

The bitter taste has cool qualities and therefore is highly detoxifying. At this stage, in your meal, have a green tea as it will help flush out toxins from the body. 


ASTRINGENT (unripe banana, grapes, pomegranate, cranberries...)

Last but not least, you should finish off your meal with the astringent taste. Having something bitter and astringent at the end of your meal will reduce your craving for anything sweet.


The most important thing to remember is BALANCE. Anything in life is allowed but in moderation.


Happy Tasting x