We tried: Polatam Water Gel Essence Masks



Polatam is a South Korean brand founded by actress Tam Hee Park. The brand has 5 masks:


3 Water gel essence mask:

Moisturizing- Brightening- Optimal Repairing

2 Cream essence:

Hydro Radiance- Firming Radiance



The masks are infused with minimal and skin loving ingredients and what distinguished them from other mask brands is the use of 100% cupra sheet.


Cupra cotton is different because it's created from high quality cotton harvested from cotton linter which is has the softest fibers, perfect for the most sensitive skin types. It's also a low irritant, eco-friendly and biodegradable plant fiber. It can hold up to ten times more essence than a regular cotton sheet mask and completely infuses the ingredients deeply into the skin.

Each mask is available to buy individually or in a pack of 6.

I like the packaging: it's very simple and if you buy a pack of 6,

it comes in a very cute box with different patterns on it.

And what I love about the packaging is that each pattern has a meaning.

Such a great attention to detail!!





Optimal Repairing mask


The circle patterns symbolize good circulation and skin repair

and were drawn on paper handmade from mulberry trees.

Korean traditional ink was used to draw the circles. 

The Optimal repairing mask is the richest of the 3 water gel mask.

It's perfect for all skin types, especially anti-aging concerns and drier skin types.






Moisturizing Mask


In this box, the straight lines symbolizes dry and chapped skin.

This mask will bring moisture back to your skin and is recommended for sensitive and oily complex skin.






Brightening Mask


Finally, the symbol on the box represents the oak tree leaf.

This mask is recommended for neutral and non sensitive skin.

It will bring brightness to the skin.



The star ingredient in the masks is Korean oak sap extract which create the thick comforting highly concentrated water gel serum. Korean oak tree sap contains natural minerals and niacinamide which help nourish, hydrate and brighten the skin, and is also a natural preservative.




The sheet is really thin and by the touch of it, it feels very strong but supple and stretchy. If you love masks, you will know what I mean. The mask is soaked in serum and when I put it on my face, it felt very cool. It wasn't uncomfortable but it has a very cooling feeling. It's very comfortable to wear, it doesn't slide down so you can do something else at the same time. #multitasking

It has no smell for me to be honest and it's quite a generous size mask to fit anyone. It means that you can really spread the mask to fit every corner of your face, especially around the nose.


How to use it

Always cleanse and tone your skin before applying the mask. Massage the remaining serum in the package in your neck area. Leave mask on for 15-20 mins, when your remove the mask, massage the product into your skin. You are welcome to carry on with your routine as these masks will replace your usual serum. My skin felt so soft that I didn't put anything else after.



I have normal to combination type of skin and I have tried all 3 masks. After each mask, my skin was soft and felt no irritation at all which is very good as it means you can try all of the masks and not be worried of how bad your skin will react to the product. 

After the Optimal repairing mask, my skin was tight and firm at first which is what the mask is supposed to do. The Moisturizing one moisturize very well lol but my favorite was the Brightening mask. My skin felt radiant exactly what the mask is supposed to do. 

I used each mask in my evening routine and the feeling in the morning is like waking up with a new skin.


Rating: 5 Stars