Craft: Kids Advent Calendar

This is officially the countdown to Christmas!!


Hope you all have an amazing December!!

This month is always the craziest, the busiest but the best of all and it always goes so fast too.

So make sure you slow down a bit and take it all in and let that frosty morning cold numb your face and hands!!

Because it wouldn't be Christmas if we were all tanning under the sun...






Here we have a great Xmas craft to give to kids or anyone really...

DIY Advent calendar

It may be well too late for you to make it, but our craft posts are there to inspire you


to make your own things and recycle items we all have in our home.



What you need:




* Toilet Rolls: There are so many things you can create with just toilet rolls. It's so easily accessible so you don't need to hoard them. Whenever you have something in mind to make, just start putting them aside.



*Cardboard: Again so easily accessible especially at this time of year.



*Stapler: Because everyone has one! of course you could use a hot glue gun too



*Brown paper roll



*Sticky dots



*Decoration bits: Poundland has a great selection of festive arts and crafts. We used paints, washi tapes and cut out felt shapes.


This is not a step by step tutorial as it's more open to your creativity and imagination. This craft will hopefully help you, guide you and inspire you.

Homemade doesn't need to be perfect!







First of all, you need to decide on the shape you want to recreate.

We chose to make a Xmas tree.

Lay out your shape on the floor, this will help you visualize the end product. 









Start stapling the rolls together on all sides, front and back.

Paint your cardboard and tree.

Tip: Stick them together while the paint is still wet.

The paint will act as a glue.









Decorate it as you like. Nothing fancy here.

Because washi tapes make everything so pretty!!

It's so quick and easy to use too.




This might be the trickiest part of the craft.

How to close each the front?


Cut circle shape (use the toilet roll as a guide) a bit bigger than the roll, just to make sure the front part is all covered.

And use sticky dots to glue it onto the roll.

And don't forget to add your "surprises" inside

and write down the numbers.

Et voila!!







We went for a lego set and divided it into 24 steps to build

and we added a little choccie too.

For the pieces that are too big to fit in to the rolls,

we hid them in the house and drew a little map for it.

More fun for kids!!







Happy Xmas countdown x