Origami Santa and Xmas Giveaway!!!

A little Xmas challenge for you all.





Hope you enjoy and scroll down to read about our Xmas giveaway!!



diagram origami santa beauteastsphere
Folded by BES Originally designed by Linda Mihara

It might seem a bit difficult at first but it really is not.

A bit like coloring,  Origami can be fascinating! 

We are big fans here.




Hope you enjoy this tutorial and will have fun making (or trying to) it as we did.


Now for the giveaway. It's very simple:

1) Count all the Santas hidden in our website and comment below

2) Follow us on Instagram 


You have until Xmas eve midnight (24/12) to enter and

the winner will be announced on Xmas day on INSTAGRAM


And because it's Xmas, it's a surprise giveaway!!


Good luck and Happy Hunting x