The Okinawa diet: a boost of longevity



Somewhere in Japan, in the Ryukyu Island, a place called Okinawa... where people have the longest life expectancy than anywhere else on the planet.


So what makes Okinawa so special?






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The secrets to a long lived life


1. A healthy diet

When we mentioned diet, we are referring to lifestyle, a way of life and not just another yo yo dieting method. A healthy relationship to food is key to a happy fulfilled life. Okinawa "diet" allows you meat and seafood but in small quantities but always choose high quality meats like grass fed beef or wild caught salmon. Enjoying your meat and seafood few times a week means you will get the benefits of healthy fats while controlling cholesterol level, reducing heart diseases risk and inflammation and keeping an eye on your calorie intake.


2. Mind body spirit

Stay active physically to maintain a healthy mind. Join your local running club, explore nature by doing long walks, start gentle workout at home, go fishing, start gardening... The doors to any thing you want are waiting to be opened. A healthy body equals healthy mind.


3. Stress free environment

Chronic stress can cause health problems like depression, digestive disorders and even heart disease. Sometimes we just need to take a few hours to breathe so start making a habit of combating stress by taking a step back and think of something good in your life at this moment.  




4. Search for your "ikigai", reason for being, living, a raison d'etre...



 In Japanese, Iki means life, alive and kai, an effect, a result, a benefit... and the 2 words combined makes IKIGAI. Everyone has an ikigai which is essentially a reason to get up in the morning.


5 easy steps to Okinawa


1* Follow you "Hara hachi bu" Eat until you are 80% full. Learn to listen to your body is learning to eat until you are no longer hungry instead of eating until you are full. HOW? it takes up to 20 meals to reset your muscle memory of the stomach. Start by eating half of what you would usually eat. 


2* The beauty of your plate of foods

If you are an Instagrammer, then this will be easy:  we eat with our eyes first. Creating beautiful plates of food with different tastes and colors will only help you to enjoy your food better.


3*Choose plant based food

Eat more veggies as well as whole grains, tofu and other legumes. Eat very little sugar, dairy or eggs. Plant based diet has been proven to work well for the Okinawans.

4*Wholesome good quality food

No secret there. Only choose the best ingredients.

5*Drink loads of water 

Another easy one is WATER!! Okinawans drink loads of green tea as it's super high in antioxidants and super detoxing too.






Nothing super new here in terms of "eating healthy" but this is actually proven: 

in Okinawa, heart disease rate are much lower, cancer rate much lower, cholesterol level much lower.... than the rest of the world.. and I can add more to the list..

And THIS is their way of living.


To a happy long lived life x