We tried: Polatam Pure cream mask



We've tried the Water gel mask from the Korean brand Polatam

and we absolutely loved them all and so did our panel tester.

(post about our testers to come soon)

It's giving "beauty at home" a whole new meaning: being able to re create the quality of skincare you will get in a professional salon. 



This time, we tried Hydro Radiance and Firming Radiance from their pure cream mask collection.



And let me tell you: these masks mean Business!


  • First, compare to the Water gel ones, they feel and look luxurious, and they have more product inside each pouch.

Pure cream mask: 30 ml

Water gel: 25 ml


  • The packaging is simple yet super sleek in a shiny pink and blue cover.


Their goal: to provide elegant radiance and brightness.



The masks are soaked in a high intensity cream essence made with milk protein extract that is rich in calcium, protein and iron ingredients. Milk protein is known for being non irritating, perfect for dry or sensitive skin, it helps prevent spots and blemishes and helps improve skin circulation while making skin firmer and brighter.


So do they work?

We tried the Hydro Radiance first.


  • Before applying the mask, always cleanse and tone your skin. It's very important to apply the mask on a clean face. I used it in my evening routine. As you can see in the picture, the mask is completely covered in cream. Apply the mask and make sure it covers your face nicely (no loose area especially around the nose). And let the mask works its magic...

The recommended time is 15-20mins but to be honest, it was so moist that I decided to keep it on for 30mins. 



  • After I removed the mask, massage the remaining product left in your face into the skin. Use circle but gentle motion with your fingers or knuckles. My skin felt hydrated but firm and radiant but you will really tell the benefits the next morning: my skin was moist, it felt clean and not oily at all (I have normal to combination skin). So it's a great mask to help control sebum production.




The Firming Radiance mask



  • Same process as the other mask: in my evening routine, in a clean face and left it on 30 mins again. This time, my skin felt tight and firm and so refreshed!!




These masks have so much product inside that

you could make use of it a second time.


  • After I applied the mask, I put 2 cotton disks inside the pouch, put it in a resealable bag and left it in the fridge for next morning to use as a nourishing cream. 


My skin never felt better the whole day. 


Big Thumbs up from us!





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