Asian comfort foods

Do you have a dish that will always bring you happy memories no matter where and when you have it?


Here, at Beaut East Sphere, we are so lucky and grateful: we grew up altogether in a proper Asian family environment where all our meals were made from scratch.


Back then, those meals were just meals. As a kid, you just eat the food given to you by your parents. As an adult, those meals are much more than that: they became our comfort foods and the family reunion, all the get together we had as kids, all these memories, all comes back as flashback as happy memories!


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Especially at this time of the YEAR: these last 2 weeks of December should be enjoyed with family.

Be Happy, Be Merry and cherish those moments

because they will become your little ones "happy flashback" later on.

Hope you enjoy our post!!






Soupy rice porridge

Also known as Bor Bor in Khmer


This dish is everything for Khmer people, even more,

Bor bor is tradition.

It resembles chinese congee and is a staple in Cambodian cuisine.








But what is it exactly?



It's basically rice cooked in a fragrant broth, but instead of the 1 cup rice to 2 cups water ratio, it's 1 cup rice to 8 cups water ratio. You cook the rice and let it simmer until it becomes creamy almost thick and stir it occasionally. Nowadays you can find sweet version of it, but I always had it savory. I remember having it plain with just eggs or anytime I was ill as a kid. In Cambodia, it's traditionally eaten as breakfast with cooked meat (chicken or pork) with lots of fragrant ingredients for garnish. It's the dish you turn to when it's cold outside or when you start feeling run down. It's a great pick me up and it will really fill you up too. My mum made this with cooked chicken that you add once the rice is cooked. Ladle the rice porridge in a big bowl and add the garnish, chopped green onions, coriander, bean sprouts, fried garlic, fermented soy bean, pork scratching and lime wedges. Et voila!!! It's the Asian version of the Western chicken soup, but believe me, there is no competition between the two.







Noddle soup


This is another staple in Cambodian cuisine.

This dish has to be hands down my all time favorite. 


Pronounced Kuy teav in Khmer, this noddle soup is the Cambodian version of the famous Vietnamese Pho.

Same as Bor Bor, the soup is hearty and traditionally eaten for breakfast, although you can have it anytime of the day.








 All the garnishes and accompaniments are crucial to bring this soup from good to extraordinary.

But what makes this soup is the amazing broth made from pork or chicken bones. The broth is also flavored with onions, garlic, black peppercorns, star anise, preserved radish and carrots. These are the ingredients my mum uses in her recipe, in the famous Phnom Penh Noddle Soup is made entirely out of pork bones, dried squid and dried shrimp.


Nonetheless, whatever ingredients you cook with, the broth should have this amazing  and deep umami flavor.

In Khmer, Kuy teav means rice noddles, which gave its name to the dish.


Choose your preferred type of noddle, I like mine thin, but you might enjoy it with tapioca noddle or fine vermicelli. At home, we usually give everyone a bowl of noddle topped with the broth, and meats/shellfish. At the table, that's where you will find the surf and turf combination of all the garnishes and condiments. On one side, you will have all the different and aromatics herbs, some are Asian herbs too, lettuces, green onions, lime wedges, pork ham and on the other side, fried garlic, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce and you cannot eat an Asian dish without Sriracha sauce. What I love is that everyone can just pick their own toppings, it's definitely a great family dish. 


So what are your favorite comfort foods?

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