We tried: Epicare, facial hair removal at home

Facial hairs are such a pain in the a** but bottom line is that almost all women and men have to deal with unwanted facial hair!!!


Whether you have dark or fair hairs, we all deal with it in different ways and especially, nowadays new methods and new devices are making their way into our every day life. 


We tried Epicare and completely adopted it as a quick, easy and on the go facial hair removal.

You might trust your beauty therapist to wax your legs or give you a Hollywood wax, you might even prefer threading for perfectly shaped eyebrows or you are just old school and prefer the tweezers. Nonetheless, it does take some effort to remove just a bit of facial hair on your upper lips, cheeks or chin. 


Epicare was created to facilitate facial hair removal at home and was inspired from the ancient practice of threading hair removal. The mechanism is the same, it pulls out hairs with a bendable metal spring as opposed to a twisted cotton thread. 


The spring is coated in a hypoallergenic alloy with plastic handles on either end that should be safe for everyone to use.


So how does it work?



Hold the Epicare by the handles and bend the metal spring to form the letter "n". 

Place it on the area you want to treat and simply roll the metal spring in an inward and outward motion while twisting the plastic handles.

The spring will catch and pull out unwanted hair without damaging your skin.


Sounds complicated? It really is not. It's actually very simple to use. It takes no effort or little effort the first time as you will need to get used to it. It's only recommended on facial hair areas (cheeks, jaw, upper lip and chin) so do not venture anywhere else than these areas!





It's a great little gadget to have at home. I would recommend to use it on a freshly clean face for hygienic reason. You wouldn't be able to wash Epicare so if you have make up on etc... it wouldn't be efficient and you will get it dirty. It's quite tricky to find the right angle to use it on specific areas, like above your eyebrow. But above your upper lip, chin and cheeks, it's very straightforward and works very well. My only issue is PAIN!!! It does hurt the first time, and the second time and the third... 


I mean it still hurts but less as I'm used to it now and It literally takes less than a minute to do my whole face, so it's ok to endure a bit of pain for completely hair free skin.




*cheap (£9.99 plus p+p on epicareuk.com)

*beauty at home whenever you want

*on the go: it fits nicely in your make up bag

*you can choose different color handles

*no embarrassing trip to a beauty salon





*a bit painful

*some areas are a bit tricky to reach


*in terms of how often you do it: probably a bit more than if you were removing hair by a professional but at the end of the day:

You get what you pay for. So it's not really a cons!