Recover from Your Christmas Dinner



Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas time.

Hope you enjoyed and indulged.


For us there is no Christmas if

you can't enjoy the food you love!


But it's time to recover,

refocus and cut down on your food

especially if you want to look fab in your dress for your

New Years eve party!!!


Picture credit: Pixabay

*Avoid the guilty feeling

What is done... is done. No need to beat yourself up about how many calories you've had over the past few days. No one can go backward so move forward.


*Choose to eat healthy on your next meal

Comes 26th and say goodbye to your Christmas dinner leftover. It takes will power, YES.... to say no to the amazing Christmas food you most likely had but if you overindulged, your body is under stressed still trying to process and digest all the food and get back to normal.


*Go for a walk

If you are still in the festive mood, it might be difficult to get motivated for an intense workout but you can start gently and go for a walk.


*Start a yoga challenge

Doing yoga has been shown to increase the response of feel good neurochemicals like serotonin and the oxytocin hormone, so you will feel happier and more relaxed and ready to move on with your healthy goals after this overeating session.


*Track your calories intake

Record your food intake on a piece of paper to get back to your healthy habits. Self monitoring is the best way to minimize weight gain


*Plan your meals to avoid a relapse

Planning your meals gives you control over what you allowed yourself to eat. Write down your planned meals for the next week with a list of grocery. Tip: Ask your partner to go to the supermarket as they will most likely stick to the grocery list.


*Drink tea

After a huge meal, it's important to re hydrate your system especially if you went heavy on alcohol as too much alcohol slows gastric movement. Choose a tea without caffeine. Chamomile tea can relax your nerves and digestive tract and peppermint tea can soothe an upset stomach.