We tried: Whamisa, the power of the Hydrogels...





Whamisa oh Whamisa...You had us at Organic...




In the world of sheet masks, Whamisa Fermented Hydrogel Facial Mask are probably the best of their kind.

Here we tried the Organic Fruits & Tomato mask, because let's face it anything with fruits and tomato has to be good!




If you are new to K-Beauty, let us introduce you to Whamisa Skincare. 

Whamisa is a certified Organic Korean skincare brand that use fermentation in their products using a diverse and interesting range of botanical extracts.



For a quick biology lesson,

the fermentation process breaks down active ingredients

so that their nutrients

and minerals can be more easily absorbed into the skin.

In the process, bad bacteria  and harmful microbes are removed, leaving a concentrated and more nourishing version of the original ingredients.



Why is fermented skincare better for you?

  • Richer in antioxidants and amino acids
  • Suitable for any types of skin especially dry skin
  • Improves skin conditions 
  • Fermentation also acts as a natural preservative so no use for synthetic dye. 

Whamisa Organic Fruits & Tomato is made from 95% Organic Ingredients and 100% natural ingredients and free of parabens, synthetic dyes, silicone and mineral oils.


The product:

What caught my eye straight away is that you can actually see the product without opening it and you can see how much of the essence serum the hydrogel mask is soaked in. The packaging is clean and simple and there is a use by date at the front which is always a good sign. We tend to hoard products for such long periods without knowing how bad it is for the skin. The mask has a very nice fresh scent that is very earthy! It basically smells healthy. 


The mask is directed towards lifting, revitalizing and toning. Some of the key ingredients are banana, apple, tomato as well as Licorice root extract known for its brightening properties.

How to use


First of all, you need to thoroughly cleanse and tone your face. A mask usually replaces the serum step in your skincare routine. Carefully open the sachet and place the mask on the other side. Why? Because we recommend that you pat all the serum left in the corner of the package into your face and neck. NOW YOU MUST BE GENTLE AND CAREFUL

The mask are protected by 2 plastic sheets and comes in 2 parts: bottom and top but it is extremely slippery and fragile. I felt like once it's put on the face it's quite tricky to move it a bit to adjust. Place the bottom first then top mask. 

As I mentioned, it is slippery so it's best to lie down after and leave it on for 20 minutes. The mask feels a bit like placing silicone sheet on your face, it's translucent and very gooey (not in the bad way). The fit isn't perfect but that doesn't bother me as my face is still totally soaked in serum. As the essence gets absorbed into skin, the mask becomes thinner. After you remove the mask, gently massage the remaining serum residue into face.


The result


It's almost instant! My face felt uplifted and revived and it carried on until next day. I recommend putting this mask on as part of your evening routine as I had skin peeled off the next morning so using it before your make up might not be a good idea. Always follow with a moisturizer to lock in all the goodness from the mask. 


I love face masking!! It's such a treat for your skin. We tend to forget to give ourself some deserved "me" time and this mask will definitely put you in relax mode... A candle and calming music, it will feel like being treated in a professional spa..


So get masking and enjoy some happy "me" time



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