Introducing Blossom Jeju

In my search for the most authentic, ethical and natural Asian beauty brands, I came accross Blossom Jeju.


I have never heard of the brand before but I completely fell in love with the name.




The flower that gives the brand its identity and inspiration is the Camellia flower: symbol of feminine beauty but most of all it's Geisha's most treasured beauty secret...



Picture credit: Pixabay

[Extract from Blossom Jeju website]


"Jeju, the origin of life

Jeju, the largest volcanic island off South Korea, is legendary for its lush ecosytem, producing nourishing ingredients that have been sought after for centuries for their healing and enhancing properties. Made with a blend of floral water and essential natural oils such a Camellia seed oil to soften and hydrate the skin leaving a supple, dewy appearance and a heavenly scent.


My journey to the Island of wind, stone and beauty

Hello I'm Sungna, I came to Jeju, my grandma's homeland in 2012 after returning from abroad. I've walked, run, surfed all over Jeju and have had a great soul healing time here. One snowy winter's day, I found little red flowers blossoming in the middle of a mysterious, lush forest called Gotjawal. One local Jeju woman told me that these great Camellia trees protected their mandarins from typhoons in summertime and gave beautiful blossom in winter when they had rested after the mandarin harvest. And the Camellia seeds were loved by the island women for protecting their skin and hair from the harsh environment.


With a nature loving girl at the helm and pure skin loving Jeju Camellia oil as both the flagship product and signature ingredient, Blossom Jeju began its mission to change the face of natural skincare. The simple truth is that we make products, that not only perform better, they are better: ethically, aesthetically and environmentally.


This is the beginning."


I absolutely love the introduction in Blossom Jeju website because it says everything beautifully with simplicity. Sungna's story and the inspiration behind her brand is incredible and I'm super happy to be collaborating with her in offering you a taste of her paradise, Jeju Island.

Beaut East Sphere is delighted to introduce Blossom Jeju Pink Routine for radiance and hydration.


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