Find your perfect Skincare Routine

The world of beauty care has evolved so much, I can't even begin to think what it's gonna be like 20 years from now.


When I used make up for the first time, I would use a make up remover at the end of the day, cleanse my skin and apply a moisturizer. Top 

Nothing more nothing less but nowadays, we hear about serum, essence, booster, sheet mask etc


So if you feel a bit lost by the choice of products and what you hear people do, here is a quick low down of the steps so you can find the perfect routine adapted to your needs!



[In our online shop, all the products can be used together as part of the Skincare Layering where you basically "layer" each product on top of each other.]


Few tips before we start

- Find out your skin type and the best way to do that is go to a professional.

- Your morning routine and evening routine won't be the same. While you might need only a light moisturizer during the day, at night you can really indulge your skin.

- With the change of seasons and temperatures or if you are someone who travels a lot, you may need different products. (Day and night moisturizer...)

- You might need to test and trial before finding your perfect routine.

- You always apply from the lightest to the thickest product. 


Morning Routine: Basic 5 steps plus the steps you can add to the routine

1) Cleanse

- Exfoliate once a week (get rid of dead skin cells to reveal fresher looking skin)

2) Tone

- Mask 1/2 a week (usually packed in antioxidants for an intense skin treatment)

- Serum (considered like a multivitamin for the skin)

3) Eye Cream

4) Moisturizer

5) SPF


Evening Routine: Basic 5 Steps plus the steps you can add to the routine

- Cleansing oil

1) Cleanse

- Steam with hot towel (this step will open your pores)

- Peeling Mask once a week to clear pores 

2) Tone

3) Serum

3) Eye Cream

4) Moisturizer

- Facial oil or sleeping mask