Waterless skincare products




There is a new trend in town:

Waterless Skincare products

and we thought we would share with you the gist about it.


Water in skincare is practically a given. Why? because it's very cheap for companies to use it as one of the main ingredients

but also because water equals hydration?! 


Or not...

Picture Credit: Pixabay



Well definitively not in skincare.


* The sebaceous glands in the skin naturally produces oil also refer as sebum to protect your skin from bacterial infection by forming a barrier to keep microbes out. 


* Water based products will actually strip away your skin natural oil barrier as the water evaporates from the skin.


* Water alone, in most skincare products will likely take up about 70% of the total ingredient leaving no room or little room for the active ingredients. 


* Using only potent botanical extract as a base will ensure to give you a product that is more intensified and packed with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish, repair damaged skin and revitalize your complexion by intensely protecting skin natural oil barrier and prevent further damage.