Introduction to Korean Beauty




South Korean women spend a fortune on beauty products. South Korean men spend more in skincare than other men in any other countries.



This commitment to looking after their skin led South Korea at the top of the Beauty world constantly innovating to keep up with their consumer's appetite for skincare but also to keep up with the worldwide exportation demand.

Korean Beauty also dubbed as K-beauty has become a staple among beauty addicts in search of the newest craze.



The BB cream 


It all started in 2011 with the BB cream which became the biggest beauty trend in Western countries. BB stands for Blemish balm or Beauty Base and is a multi function cream. You can use it as a primer before your make up, on its own like a tinted moisturizer that covers minor redness or just to hydrate your skin and even protect it with SPF. On a good day when your skin is flawless, this is a great product to use as no need to pile up layers of different products.

Since then, South Korea have stepped up their game and introduce new products with new formulas and new techniques.


"Skincare first, Make up second" Philosophy


In Asian countries especially, it's not about how much make up you put on to look flawless or finding a magic cream that can reverse signs of ageing. Caring for your skin is part of the Asian philosophy. In Korea, adopting a beauty regimen is part of your every day routine and lifestyle. Taking action before skin issues like acne or even wrinkles start to surface. Korean start very early to look after their skin and it's probably why they have the most flawless complexion.


It's pampering not a chore


Ever heard of the Asian 10 steps Skincare Layering... where you apply 10 different products?

It sounds scarier than what it actually is. Adopting this skincare regime will really help to change your mindset: once you discover different type of products that will benefit your type of skin, your skincare regime will become your favorite thing to do like a pampering session to look forward too. The good thing about it: it doesn't need to be a "10 steps" routine. You can customize it to what your skin needs the most.


Let's sheet mask


If you are just starting to discover the world of K-beauty, sheet masks are the easiest way to do it. Read our blog on how to sheet mask.


What makes K-beauty so interesting?


Ever tried snail mucus cream, royal salmon egg cream or even donkey milk sleeping mask?

Adventurous ingredients is the essence of k-beauty and what makes it so innovative. Korea is really ahead when it comes to innovation and technology but most importantly, it works!! Being a country centered in a healthy self, Korean skincare naturally stays away from harsh chemicals but instead focus on new way to deliver great products, like fermented skincare.