Our guide to skin cleansing...

Time to say goodbye to good old soap and water when washing your face. There is more to cleansing than a splash and a scrub!

1* Jump on the Double cleansing wagon

You heard us talk about double cleansing a lot ...but there is a reason why this is so important! One cleanser won't effectively remove a full on make up face, especially around the eyes. One way to find out is put yourself to the test. Use your normal cleanser then with a clean cotton pad wipe your face and see how much was still left on your skin. 

Oil cleanse first to dissolve stubborn make up and sunscreen then wash off with a water based cleanser! Et Voila. A perfectly clean face!


2* How many times should I cleanse?

Over cleansing can lead to skin irritation and lack of moisture.  Ideally you should cleanse morning and evening but it all depends on your skin type too.

Always wash off after your workout as sweat can clog your pores. Excessive oily skin needs a cleanse a.m and p.m while you should stick to only once a daily in the evening if you have dry and sensitive skin. 


3* Take your time

Cleansing shouldn't be a In and Out job but a moment you should enjoy massaging your skin and let the cleanser do the work. Let the blood flowing and your oxygen circulating while your massage all round your face: cheeks, neck, forehead, chin and nose and stimulate the removal of toxins! Cleanse for at least 1 minute, this is a treat for your skin so enjoy it!


4* Use the right cleanser

If you have dry skin, it could be because your cleanser is too harsh on your skin and therefore stripping all the natural oils away.

Look for cleansers containing glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid or use an acid based toner after cleansing. 


5* No time? Cleanse in the shower...

Cleansing while your let the hot water running down your face is bad.. yes but it doesn't mean you can't do it. The steam and heat from the shower will open up your pores for a more thorough and deep cleanse, just splash the water on your face to rinse it off!


6* Why isn't soap and water not good enough?

Soap is very drying and has a high PH. This will make your skin worse if you have dry skin. For oily skin, to overcompensate for the soap stripping off your natural oil, your skin is going to create more oil, leaving your skin looking oilier, flaky and dehydrated.


7* Use fresh water and a clean towel

Don't fill up the sink to wash your face but always use clean fresh water. The same goes for your towel, wash it daily as if it's left in your bathroom, it's probably full of bacteria.