My morning routine

Back in May we challenged our followers to share their morning routine using the hashtag WakeMayUp for a chance to win a set of Aeria skin masks!



I was so pleased when so many of my faves Instagrammers joined the challenge and shared their routine. What I love about skincare is that you can learn everyday about a new trend, a new product, a new way to use products. We all have different skin and needs. Everyone's routine is different, you can customize it according to what your skin needs but it's also important to remember that what may work for others might not work for you. 


Picking a winner wasn't an easy task because there is no right or wrong routine so I've enlisted my daughter's help and ask her to choose her favorite flat lay picture!







The lovely Zarah @seoulfull_star 's picture was chosen

and I love how simple but yet efficient her routine is.

Please follow her on IG as not only is she a lovely person

but her account is full of great reviews!! 

My turn to share with you my simple morning routine. Nothing fancy just easily accessible and affordable products to give your skin the love and boost it needs!

STEP 1 Lemon water is, on most days, how I start my day! I like to have it with warm water as the mild heat helps to gently kick start your metabolism (your muscles work better when warm) while flushing out all the toxins. I was happy to see that many of us follow follow this simple step but most use cold water as heat could destroy part of the lemons properties. 


STEP 2 While my lemon soaked in warm water, I start washing off my face! One of the best way to start your day: splash of water!! I have started using the konjac sponge 3 months ago and I am completely sold on its skin beneficial properties. Upon water contact, the sponge become soft and pliable. Use the flat side and gently massage it around your face. The fiber of the sponge works its magic against skin by gently removing dead skin cells whilst helping to generate new ones.

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STEP 3 Toning helps rebalance pH and get skin ready to absorb next products in your routine. I like to pat 3 layers of toner in the morning as it really plumps the skin and the patting motion stimulate blood circulation. (and helps you wake up too). Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Blooming toner is one of my favorite to use. Among the ingredients, you will find Blossom Jeju signature ingredient, Camellia Flower extract, as well as Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica extract, and fruits and plants extracts.

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STEP 4 Now this is the serious grown up step! Niacinamide (Vit B3) is one of my favorite ingredient and if you haven't heard about it...where have you been?!? Some of the numerous skin benefits of Niacinamide: even out skin complexion, help fade scarring and blemishes, improve skin texture, strengthen skin barrier etc... perfect for acne prone skin like mine. I always look up for it when buying new products and I am absolutely in love with The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+ Zinc 1%. 

It retails at £5.00 and you can buy from Deciem website:


STEP 5 Another gem from The Ordinary is their Rosehip oil which has been cold pressed. It means that the important element of the Rosehip seed oil (linoleic acid, linolenic acid and pro vitamin A) were preserved in the process of oil extraction. Plant derived oils are dry and are easily absorbed into skin almost instantly so they can be use before your moisturizer. Use 3 drops every night before your moisturizer and wake up with glowing healthy skin. Rosehip oil improves appearance of skin damages due to sun exposure and free radicals. It retails at £9.00 on the Deciem website.


STEP 6 The skin around your eyes is the most fragile but too often neglected. Give it some love with Whamisa eye cream. What I love about it first is that it comes in a handy little bottle with a pump. I love anything with a pump, it makes everything a little bit better and quicker to use! But that's not it: formulated with a blend of organic flowers and herbs extracts, the cream will brighten and smooth any fine lines. A little tip: use it on your smile lines too and eye cream can easily be used as your moisturizer because of its concentration on active ingredients.

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STEP 8 My choice of moisturizer these days is the Red Pearl Barley Whitening lotion from 23.5n, our newly acquired Taiwanese brand. The Whitening series products are formulated with a unique botanic whitening formula infused with red pearl barley which is effective in improving skin texture and evening out skin tone. The lotion is super light and easily absorbed into skin. My skin feels super hydrated and nourish after I use it.

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STEP 9 If there is one must have product, then it should be your sunscreen. Do not neglect the effect of UVA and UVB on your skin. The damages caused by sun exposure is sometimes irreversible while it can be prevented by using the appropriate sun protection. Our skin starts burning after 10 mins in the sun. I love Missha all-around Safe Block Essence sun milk SPF50+/Pa+++ for its lightweight consistency leaving no white cast or greasy feel. 

I have purchased mine at


STEP 10 I get sun rash on my lips and this lip moisturizing balm from Carmex is the only way to protect my lips with its SPF 15 while keeping them nourished.

Available in Boots, Superdrug and Supermarkets.


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