Introduction to 23.5N Gel Masks

Nature brought to you by 23.5N in simple, natural and additive free products. The story behind the brand is quite simple: Helen Ho, the founder believe that "beauty is the way that truly fit in for yourself. To believe the simpler, the better."


Among the 16 countries located in the Tropic of Cancer at the latitude of 23.5 degrees north, Taiwan along with Southern China are the only countries with a lush greenland  producing all kind of flowers, fruits, crops and vegetables.


With a dedication to maintain what Nature has to offer, 23.5N brings you a range of products with light and refreshing formulas perfect for living in hot climates.


I am so happy that I have gotten the chance to try their whole range myself before deciding to bring them over to you. Each product is available in full size in 23.5N website but I haven chosen to offer you the travel size.


I often travel to visit my family and as much as I love my products and my routine, sometimes due to luggage space it's always difficult to bring with you the right amount of products without having to decant. 





So not only these make my life a bit easier, it certainly helps a lot if you often take the plane. Each travel kit can be brought with your hand luggage and is the perfect way to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin during your flight. 


Here I am introducing you to their range of gel masks. 


Design & Packaging


Asian products come in the cutest packaging and the travel size gel masks are no exception to that.


23.5N range comes in clean and simple packaging. It offers 4 main series:

* The Oriental Beauty Tea range to balance and purify. It has a blue leaf representing the beauty tea plant. 

* The Bamboo to hydrate and smooth is represented by a green bamboo leaf. 

* The Rice series designed to sooth and brighten has a yellow image of a rice plant. 

* The Red Pearl Barley to whiten and nourish is represented by a red barley plant.


Each product has the image of the series it belongs to! So simple and efficient to distinguish between each product. 


The gel masks come in a cute little pot of 20 ml enough, depending on use, it could last you up to 14 days. 

Texture & Formula

Each gel mask has a jelly silky texture that adheres really well onto skin. Because of its water based formula, it doesn't feel sticky nor does it leave a residue where you will need to wash hand after you apply the product. They have no smell to me, there is no fragrance in the ingredients list and if you do smell something, it will likely be coming from the natural ingredients. One of the main ingredient is Sodium Hyaluronate, a sister to Hyaluronic acid known for its capacity to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, which helps in deeply hydrating skin as well as combat signs of aging. Using these masks is basically giving your skin a hydration bath.


How to use & Tips

The gel mask can be used 2 ways:

*for an intensive care

Use twice a week as a wash off mask: apply a thick layer on your face and leave on for 15mins then rinse off with water.

*for daily care

Use it as a sleeping mask every evening: apply a thin layer on your face and leave on overnight. Cleanse your face in the morning.



My favorite ways to use the masks:

*leave them in the fridge! Nothing better than cooling mask after a hot sweaty day. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed and so soothed. We have had some pretty hot days here in London and I must say these masks really helped!

*after work out, never forget to cleanse your face even in the middle of the day, as the sweat will clog your pores! I personally love to use them as wash off mask after. Not only I feel good about myself for working out, my skin also feels pampered and happy.

*after a sheet mask: this is one of my fave combo of masking. There are millions of reasons as to why you should use sheet masks at least twice a week. Its like force feeding your skin super beneficial ingredients and getting some much needed "Me time". After removing your sheet mask, to ensure all the nutrients stay on your skin, you need to "seal" your skin barrier and I love using them.

You will wake up with practically new soft baby skin!

*to treat sensitive area: because of its water based formula, the gel masks have a very light and soothing texture that will comfort and heal any red bumps, painful spots... Just apply a layer on the area and leave on for few minutes before washing off.


Available to buy as part of the Gel Masks travel kit or individually. Click here.