Pre Work Out Skincare

I used to be so guilty of not cleansing my face before working out mainly because I usually forget about it. But since I have taken the time to remove my make up, it has improved my skin complexion so much! So if like me, you think cleansing your face before your sweaty session starts is not necessary... think again!!!


If you wear make up (foundation, concealer etc) sunscreen, you have been out all day (dust and other pollutants) and head straight to the gym or start your work out, sweat mixed with all the things mentioned can cause havoc on your skin and lead to break outs, skin irritation, clogged pores etc....


I have 3 products that I love using before my work out that will leave my skin refreshed and clean.







Make p:rem Black Cleansing Water


I love this product. First because I love the color, I think it's so cool to have something black! More seriously this cleansing water is made of natural Black Peat moss (which gives that distinct color) and it really helps clarify troubled skin and hydrates it at the same time leaving your skin radiant and ready to tackle your gym session! It doesn't feel drying on the skin and has a nice herbal floral scent to it.



How to use:

Apply with a cotton pad all over face. 


Find it in my shop.






Whamisa Organic Fruits Peeling Finger Mitt ~ Sebum Care ~


This is the type of product everyone should have because it is so practical/ on the go cleansing/ easy to use/ no fuss product!


Whamisa skincare have launched their new products over the summer and their finger mitt line is absolutely genius. You can also find the Organic Flowers for moisture care and the Organic Rice for Pore Care.


How to use:

Slip the finger mitt over your fingers and gently exfoliate all over your face and neck area. Don't forget to turn and use other side too! Use circular motion to buff away all dirt and dead skin cells. 

Cleansing GLOV





I discovered this product over the summer. I love using my Konjac Sponge for morning cleanse and I loved the idea of having a glove that could remove your make up but I was skeptical about it!


The GLOV is made of innovative fibers that can remove any type of cosmetics even waterproof mascara! I did the test and was totally impressed by it! Although I don't think it will completely replace your cleansing step, I think it's so convenient to carry with you should you need to cleanse. 


How to use:

All you need to do is add water! Gently buff all over your skin. 

In my case, I only cleanse my face but not my eyes. If I go out running, I will use a quick mist to keep my skin hydrated and will re-apply sunscreen. If I work out at home, I don't bother with more steps than needed and jump straight into my session followed by a proper skincare routine!


Share with us your pre work out steps!!! Work out but don't break out!