Fall in love with Korean Dramas

what is a k-drama?

Korean drama or as many call it "k drama" is a mini television series, usually of 1 season only and made of 16-30 episodes on average. The length of the drama is usually good enough to get to know each character, watch how they develop and form a connection with the viewers but it doesn't drag too long so you will get bored of it. (as we used to get in american sitcoms with endless seasons).

before you start...

1) Get ready to become addicted

If you are looking for something light hearted and fun, then you should give these dramas a go. They are a simple way to escape the everyday routine because each drama is quite short and sweet, each episode lasts about an hour. I personally love to catch up on them while cooking or before I go to sleep. But that's not just it: they are truly great. You will cry and laugh... and cry some more. Some stories depending on which genre you are watching are a bit far fetched but overall they are excellent entertainment .


2) Eye drooling actors... and actresses

Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, Park Bo Gum, Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub... Need I say more?! 

You will watch some of the most gorgeous people in the Korean entertainment industry: men with perfect bodies and women with flawless skin!


3) If you are a fan of romance...

... and want lots of it! The romance in these dramas is cute and heart fluttering. Nothing compare to what you will see in an american serie, none of the hard kisses and sex scenes... It's romance the Asian way: a build up on falling in love. And you will usually get a happy ending in the end!


4) Have a box of tissue nearby

In most if not all of the dramas, there will be a sad moment or a sad story that will have tears well up in your eyes. 


5) Discover Korean lifestyle and culture

Everyone is Asia is very respectful of each other but each country has its customs and traditions and I really enjoyed this part of K dramas. I found out how Koreans love a good noraebang (korean karaoke), how office people get off for lunch together, how you pay your respect at funerals, how kimchi is a must have with rice or noddles...


6) You will want to eat ramen everytime you finish an episode

Ramen, ramen and ramen... Everyone loves noodle and rice in Asia and you will see a lot of Korean food on these dramas. Slurping your noddles... you will want to do that too!


7) Great OST

Each moment and scene portrayed in the drama is followed by the original soundtrack and all the songs are usually just amazing!


8) Different genre of dramas to suit everyone

There are a wide varieties to choose from: romantic, science fiction, police, war, high school, joseon period, idol, medical... 

Just take your pick!


Where to watch

K dramas have become so popular now and subtitles are now available in many languages too. 



There are more and more dramas and films added to Netflix all the time and haven't had a problem with their subtitles so far. Only cons is that most of the original soundtrack is substituted with American songs.



There is an app available for your phone and if you choose the free option (no membership) then beware: there are tons and tons of ads which are really putting you off sometimes.



I have watched most of the dramas on there but some of the best dramas are not available or you must get a wiki pass. There are ads as well but you can skip most of them so I didn't think it was that bad.



You can find all the dramas on there but the streaming is very slow and not available to watch on the phone.