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Pre Work Out Skincare

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We tried: Whamisa, the power of the Hydrogels...





Whamisa oh Whamisa...You had us at Organic...




In the world of sheet masks, Whamisa Fermented Hydrogel Facial Mask are probably the best of their kind.

Here we tried the Organic Fruits & Tomato mask, because let's face it anything with fruits and tomato has to be good!




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Recover from Your Christmas Dinner



Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas time.

Hope you enjoyed and indulged.


For us there is no Christmas if

you can't enjoy the food you love!


But it's time to recover,

refocus and cut down on your food

especially if you want to look fab in your dress for your

New Years eve party!!!


Picture credit: Pixabay

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The Okinawa diet: a boost of longevity



Somewhere in Japan, in the Ryukyu Island, a place called Okinawa... where people have the longest life expectancy than anywhere else on the planet.


So what makes Okinawa so special?






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Why you should have 6 tastes in each meal...

Each meal should contain 6 tastes or Rasas according to Ayurveda.








Incorporating all 6 tastes in each meal will help you maintain a balanced diet and feeling satisfied at each meal time. It's also important to eat them in this order as it's the order in which each food is digested.


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How to eat well in 10 steps, the Ayurvedic way

According to Sloka, an ancient text of Ayurveda, "food is medicine when consumed properly."


Food is the essence of life. We need food in our body to live.

So one of the most important thing in life is to choose to eat properly.






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Oil Pulling: the natural way to cleaner & healthier teeth

Because of my Asian background, when it comes to health, I usually take a holistic approach and always turn to Ayurvedic Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Also known as Kavala, Oil Pulling is an Ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that consists in putting a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach and swish it around for 20 mins. It supposed to draw out all the toxins in your body to improve your oral hygiene but also your overall health.


Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurveda is considered to the world's oldest healthcare system. The world Ayurveda in Sanskrit means the "science of life". 

 Picture credit: Shutterstock

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Let's share an old Asian secret: the Tiger Balm

I'm sure every Asian can relate to this post...because it's a product every Asian households possess...


First of all, few things you need to know about the balm:

- It's a Chinese ointment made from a blend of herbal and aromatic ingredients! No chemical and completely safe to use everyday. So if you suffer from mild headaches, this is the bomb and goodbye paracetamol ;-)

- It comes in 2 different colors: white and red. The white balm is milder in strength and smell. It has a very mild menthol smell and helps relieve subtle pains. The red balm is more potent with a stronger smell and gives a really deep pain relief for very sore muscle or even tissue damage. I personally only use the white one and it's enough for me.

- Tiger balm motto: it "works where it hurts" It really does what it claims to do. It's very effective and a little bit of that product goes a long way so a small jar will last you forever. It's very affordable too.

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Enjoy your smoothie in a bowl!

If like us you love real good food then this is a must try for you. Green smoothie has become a staple in any healthy lifestyle. The benefits of incorporating spinach and kale in your diet are endless: dark green veggie are an essential source of vitamins, minerals and fibers.


After all, green is nature and Nature is good for all of us! I usually have green smoothie for breakfast but it can become dull and repetitive after a while until I discovered Smoothie Bowl. Make your smoothie as normal but add less liquid to make it thick. Choose any toppings you like, take a spoon and dig in… there is something very satisfying in having your smoothie with a spoon.

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Chinese Cupping

Hello Beauties and Welcome to our first blog post. Each week, you will be able to read "something about Asia" let it be a product review, a recipe, a weird trend, we have it covered for you. We will keep each post short and sweet as we don't want to bore you with long reads unless super necessary.



This week, we are taking you to China and its Ancient Traditional Medicine. Don't let the words Ancient and Traditional scare you as it's a medical practice that's been around for more than 2500 years and practice such as Acupuncture is now widely used. But today, it's all about Cupping. If you have followed the Olympics this summer and happened to watch the swimming events, you may have noticed that purples circles were covering multiple Champion Michael Phelps's shoulders and back. The marks are the result of cupping, considered as the latest alternative therapy helping athletes recover faster and perform better.

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