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My Kimchi recipe

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Fall in love with Korean Dramas

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Pre Work Out Skincare

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Our guide to skin cleansing...

Time to say goodbye to good old soap and water when washing your face. There is more to cleansing than a splash and a scrub!

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Organic vs Natural




We at Beauteastsphere  aim to source natural and organic Asian Beauty cosmetics only... but do you know what that means exactly?


The industry is still unregulated and a product formula only needs to be 1% organic to be labelled as such. 




Picture credit: Pixabay

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5 reasons to switch to natural skincare

To say the beauty industry is thriving,  is an understatement. The industry is huge and is worth over billions of pounds. With the increase of social media users, it seems like anyone is now entitled to launch their own line of skincare range or beauty products! And beauty users are younger and younger every year. So much money spent on advertising to say how good and healthy we would look if using X products while in fact said products is loaded with harmful chemicals that can lead to cancer.


But with the increase of beauty users also comes an increase of natural, organic and safe cosmetics companies. But all these "new" products are not created equal and your best option is to find out about the company yourself and read the ingredients list. Knowledge is power so get ready to slowly make the switch!


Here are my top 5 reasons on why you should switch NOW! 

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Introduction to Korean Beauty




South Korean women spend a fortune on beauty products. South Korean men spend more in skincare than other men in any other countries.



This commitment to looking after their skin led South Korea at the top of the Beauty world constantly innovating to keep up with their consumer's appetite for skincare but also to keep up with the worldwide exportation demand.

Korean Beauty also dubbed as K-beauty has become a staple among beauty addicts in search of the newest craze.



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Year of the Rooster: Happy Chinese New Year





It's China's turn to celebrate their New Year.


Chinese New Year is celebrated worldwide , here are some interesting facts about it

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My 5 steps to a healthy active lifestyle

"Don't wish for it...

                                      Work for it..."


This is the mantra to keep in mind at all time!!

Christmas is over and

although I love to indulge myself too,

I want to feel good about myself more!


What about you? 


This is my 5 steps to a healthier active lifestyle that will help you get back on track if you ever lost it or get on it!


Picture credit: Pixabay

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Welcome 2017 with an affordable planner set up

Welcome to our first post of 2017! Less than 2 weeks until we officially launch, it's such an exciting time but also very stressful. The best way to stay on top is PLANNING!!


There is a whole world out there of planning lovers and we happen to be one of them. Management planning is a step towards achievements and successes, personally or professional. 


Here for you, we set up a super AFFORDABLE business planner but don't worry, after the festive spending period, this won't break the bank.

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We tried: Whamisa, the power of the Hydrogels...





Whamisa oh Whamisa...You had us at Organic...




In the world of sheet masks, Whamisa Fermented Hydrogel Facial Mask are probably the best of their kind.

Here we tried the Organic Fruits & Tomato mask, because let's face it anything with fruits and tomato has to be good!




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Recover from Your Christmas Dinner



Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas time.

Hope you enjoyed and indulged.


For us there is no Christmas if

you can't enjoy the food you love!


But it's time to recover,

refocus and cut down on your food

especially if you want to look fab in your dress for your

New Years eve party!!!


Picture credit: Pixabay

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We tried: Epicare, facial hair removal at home

Facial hairs are such a pain in the a** but bottom line is that almost all women and men have to deal with unwanted facial hair!!!


Whether you have dark or fair hairs, we all deal with it in different ways and especially, nowadays new methods and new devices are making their way into our every day life. 


We tried Epicare and completely adopted it as a quick, easy and on the go facial hair removal.

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Asian comfort foods

Do you have a dish that will always bring you happy memories no matter where and when you have it?


Here, at Beaut East Sphere, we are so lucky and grateful: we grew up altogether in a proper Asian family environment where all our meals were made from scratch.


Back then, those meals were just meals. As a kid, you just eat the food given to you by your parents. As an adult, those meals are much more than that: they became our comfort foods and the family reunion, all the get together we had as kids, all these memories, all comes back as flashback as happy memories!


Picture credit: Pixabay


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The Okinawa diet: a boost of longevity



Somewhere in Japan, in the Ryukyu Island, a place called Okinawa... where people have the longest life expectancy than anywhere else on the planet.


So what makes Okinawa so special?






Picture credit: Shutterstock

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Christmas in Asia

Christmas is the biggest celebration all around the world commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.

However, in Asia, the majority of the people are Buddhist and therefore do not celebrate Christmas. In Cambodia, for example, 97% of the population is Buddhist. 


So how is it to travel in Asia at this time of the year? Would you travel to an Asian country without true Christmas cheer and spirit?


Let's take a tour of Asia and see what really is happening...


Picture credit: Shutterstock

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Say goodbye to clutter forever!!!

This week I have a little gem for you: a book coming all the way from Tokyo!! It will give "spring cleaning" a whole new meaning. 


It is called The life- changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo. If you didn't know already, there is an ART of decluterring and organising.


Marie Kondo has always loved organising stuff since she was 5 and she began studying the art of tidying seriously at age 15. Today she owns a business in Tokyo where she uses her KonMari Method to help people transform their homes into peaceful and inspiring spaces. It’s amazing to me that I, and probably all of us, have been approaching tidying the wrong way.

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