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Review: Manyo Factory Special Treatment Essence

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My impressions on IUNIK Black Snail Restore Serum

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Review: Red Pearl Barley Brightening Treatment Oil

I have combination acne prone skin and I always struggle with hormonal break outs that leave my skin with blemishes. They take months to fade out but then new break outs and new blemishes come out and it's basically a vicious cycle. 


While I like to keep my routine fairly simple, I'm always on the look out for brightening or whitening oil and serums to help my skin regain its texture and appearance and help fade my blemishes. 


Last year, I discovered the benefits of Rosehip oil. It's a great oil to treat acne prone skin as it's full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help with dark spots, scars, fine lines but it's also super hydrating and nourishing if you have dry itchy skin.


My skin healed but sometimes some break outs look a bit worse so I was super excited to find that one of my Taiwanese brands, 23.5n have launched a new product.


The Red Pearl Barley Brightening Treatment Oil complete the Brightening series with a more nourishing role. 





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Pre Work Out Skincare

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Back to Skin Basics






As we approaching the colder days

and leaving behind us our summer memories,

it's time to prep our skin

and strip it back to basics! 



Follow our simple guide to skin basics 101,

the must do's and dont's.


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Don't skip your toner!








Often forgotten, a toner is

the secret step to healthy radiant looking skin.


Find out why...

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How to layer skincare







Cleansing oil

Cleansing oil should be applied onto dry skin first.

Pump the cleansing oil into hand then massage it using an upward circular motion all over the face. Emulsify with water and massage it a bit longer. Rinse with lukewarm water.


How much product: 1 pump should be enough, roughly the size of a pound coin.

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Get #SheetMasking





What are sheet masks and why is everyone raving about them?

Call it a trend or craze, sheet masks have become more and more popular. Originated from Asia and now available worldwide, they consist of a thin face shaped sheet soaked in a highly concentrated dose of an essence designed to nourish, brighten, moisturize and even treat fine lines.



The sheet is made up of a variety of materials:

*Non-woven fiber: It's inexpensive but has low capacity to deliver serum into the skin.                                        
*Cottons: Also inexpensive with a low capacity to deliver serum into the skin but cotton is kinder to the skin.
*Cupro: It's a high quality cotton harvested from cotton linter which is has the softest fibers, perfect for the most sensitive skin types. It's also a low irritant, eco-friendly and biodegradable plant fiber. It can hold up to ten times more essence than a regular cotton sheet mask and completely infuses the ingredients deeply into the skin.
*Hydrogel: It has a great absorption system with a gel-type consistency and comes in two separate parts (top and bottom) to apply on face.
*Bio cellulose: It is the best kind of sheet mask as it's made from all-natural material but are a bit more pricey, it adheres to the skin well and have great absorption properties.
Always check that you choose a high quality cotton that isn't bleached. The material of the sheet mask is equally as important as the serum its drenched in.
How to use a sheet mask?
Sheet mask is meant to be used once and is individually packaged which make them super convenient to use.
It's very important to apply the sheet mask on a cleansed and toned face. Sheet masks are infused with serums designed to penetrate the skin efficiently so if you haven't properly cleansed, your face will have layers of oils, dead skin cells, dirt and other daily pollutants which will make it impossible for the skin to absorb all the nourishing goodness of the sheet masks.


3) PLACE ON YOUR FACE adjusting it around the eyes, mouth and nose. There is a cutout for the nose which will allow you to breath.

4) USE THE EXTRA ESSENCE Make use all of the goodness and apply the remaining serum left in packet in your neck, chest, hands etc


Longer isn't better. While it's tempting to leave the sheet mask on for longer, as it dries out, the sheet mask will start sucking moisture out of your skin which is the opposite of what you want to do. 20 minutes should be the maximum of time enough for it to efficiently infuse the skin with its ingredients.

6) REMOVE and gently pat the remaining serum into your skin to help absorption. To lock in all the moisture, follow with your moisturizer.

How to double cleanse

Cleansing your skin, morning and evening, is probably one of the most important step in your skincare routine but cleansing your skin properly is even more important. Just think that your face is like a painting, you need a blank canvas to paint beautiful things. In our everyday life, on top of what you put on your face (make up, spf etc...) we come across daily pollutants like smoke or car pollution all this combined with dead skin cells, grimes, dirt, sweat, sebum etc...

This is a lot for your skin to take in and this is why cleansing is absolutely essential to keep it clean and healthy and to prevent breakouts! If your skin isn't cleanse properly, anything else that is good (essence, serum, anti ageing etc) would not be able to penetrate through the layers of dirt, dead skin cell and sebum.


So What is double cleansing?

Simply put, it's cleansing your skin twice, one after the other, starting with an oil based cleanser first followed by a water based cleanser.

The oil based cleanser will remove excess oil, make up and sunscreen.

The water based cleanser will remove the other impurities like sweat and dirt.


Is it necessary to do both?

A little bit of science here will help you understand. Oil and water don't mix so you need both to draw out oil and water based impurities. 


So if oil and water don't mix, how do you wash off the oil cleanser?

Oil cleansers specifically made for skincare are water soluble. Adding water to it will change its formula into a non greasy (surprisingly) emulsion that enable you to wash your face. 


Can I use coconut oil as my oil cleanser?

As a one off cleanser: Yes

Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it because it won't emulsify so you will need to wash it off with warm water that could then lead to blocked pipes, it can cause break out, it's comedogenic and will block your pores!

Coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer for hair and body so let's leave it that way!


Can I use cleansing oil if I have oily/ acne prone skin?

Absolutely! Of course it all depends on your skincare routine and what products you already use. Oil based skincare will hydrate and help heal and repair your skin much quickly as it contains the fatty acids your skin needs. A bit like the good and bad cholesterol in the body, your skin needs the good oils without going into overcompensation mode. In fact, by not removing make up and other debris properly will cause breakouts and congestion. Using harsh cleansers will strip your face of its natural oils and therefore your skin will try to overcompensate for the dryness by producing more oil, which will lead to more breakouts, irritation and redness.


How do you find the right cleansers?

Sadly not all cleansers are created equal so make sure you read the label and ingredients carefully and stay clear of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), parabens, mineral oil, synthetics dye.

Our whamisa range is completely organic and free of nasties. Check it out here.

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Find your perfect Skincare Routine

The world of beauty care has evolved so much, I can't even begin to think what it's gonna be like 20 years from now.


When I used make up for the first time, I would use a make up remover at the end of the day, cleanse my skin and apply a moisturizer. Top 

Nothing more nothing less but nowadays, we hear about serum, essence, booster, sheet mask etc


So if you feel a bit lost by the choice of products and what you hear people do, here is a quick low down of the steps so you can find the perfect routine adapted to your needs!



[In our online shop, all the products can be used together as part of the Skincare Layering where you basically "layer" each product on top of each other.]


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Beauty at home: DIY treats for the skin


Feeling cold and need a skin "pick me up"?

If going to a salon isn't ideal then we have the best tips for you to recreate beauty treats at home in less than 5 minutes starting with Green Tea.


If you don't drink green tea, then you are totally missing out: it's loaded with powerful antioxidants and nutrients, it's good for detoxing body and flushing your toxins out, it improves brain function and lower the risks of different type of cancer, it can boost your metabolism and make you burn fat much faster... and much more. It's probably the healthiest drink out there.. just saying. But you can also use it for your skin.

Picture credit: Pixabay

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Introducing Blossom Jeju

In my search for the most authentic, ethical and natural Asian beauty brands, I came accross Blossom Jeju.


I have never heard of the brand before but I completely fell in love with the name.




The flower that gives the brand its identity and inspiration is the Camellia flower: symbol of feminine beauty but most of all it's Geisha's most treasured beauty secret...



Picture credit: Pixabay

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We tried: A look into Whamisa Nourishing Cream



We are totally in love with Whamisa Skincare products

so we thought we carry on with the reviews

with Whamisa Nourishing Cream.


If you have read our review about the hydrogels mask then you know already that Whamisa is a brand using fermentation in their products. But what we didn't tell you is that it's also waterless. It means that no purified water is used in their products formulation but botanical plant juices are used instead. 





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We tried: Whamisa, the power of the Hydrogels...





Whamisa oh Whamisa...You had us at Organic...




In the world of sheet masks, Whamisa Fermented Hydrogel Facial Mask are probably the best of their kind.

Here we tried the Organic Fruits & Tomato mask, because let's face it anything with fruits and tomato has to be good!




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We tried: Epicare, facial hair removal at home

Facial hairs are such a pain in the a** but bottom line is that almost all women and men have to deal with unwanted facial hair!!!


Whether you have dark or fair hairs, we all deal with it in different ways and especially, nowadays new methods and new devices are making their way into our every day life. 


We tried Epicare and completely adopted it as a quick, easy and on the go facial hair removal.

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We tried: Polatam Pure cream mask



We've tried the Water gel mask from the Korean brand Polatam

and we absolutely loved them all and so did our panel tester.

(post about our testers to come soon)

It's giving "beauty at home" a whole new meaning: being able to re create the quality of skincare you will get in a professional salon. 



This time, we tried Hydro Radiance and Firming Radiance from their pure cream mask collection.



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We tried: Polatam Water Gel Essence Masks



Polatam is a South Korean brand founded by actress Tam Hee Park. The brand has 5 masks:


3 Water gel essence mask:

Moisturizing- Brightening- Optimal Repairing

2 Cream essence:

Hydro Radiance- Firming Radiance



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Beauty at home: DIY Scrubs

It's cold... It's raining...


If there is a time to pamper yourself at home, this is definitely the time to do it. 


Pampering yourself is great way to rejuvenate your skin and de-stress from life in general. Block an afternoon off away from work and family and create a relaxing atmosphere: run a bath, light up some scented candles, turn off your phone and play some relaxing music...




Picture credit: Shutterstock

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