Repair Set

Contains 4 sheet masks and 1 gel mask

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* Polatam Water Gel Optimal Repairing Mask x2 designed to soothe and deeply hydrate skin. Key ingredients are Korean Oak Tree Sap which contains large amounts of natural minerals and niacinimide also known as Vitamin B3 that helps nourish and brighten skin. Enriched with Adenosine to plump skin, Glycerin to soften skin and Nettle Extract to heal and calm skin leaving it feeling refreshed and healthy.

* Aeria Skin Hydra Repair Mask x2 is an intense 15 minutes skin treatment designed to revitalise dull skin by repairing and rebalancing skin with its blend of botanical extracts. Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 help protect skin while Centella Asiatica extract soothes and repairs skin. 

* 23.5N Red Pearl Barley Whitening Gel Mask has a unique botanic whitening infused formula with Red pearl barley effective in evening out skin tone, refining skin texture, fading dark spot and acne scarring and helping skin elasticity.