Polatam Masks

Set of 5

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This set includes: 1 Brightening, 1 Moisturizing, 1 Optimal Repairing, 1 Hydro Radiance, 1 Firming Radiance


Polatam is a Korean brand created by famed Korean actress Park Tam hee who wanted products with minimal, clean and skin loving ingredients. The sheet masks are made of soft Cupro fiber which can hold up to 10 times the amount of essence than regular cotton sheet  masks.


What is Cupro Cotton? It's made from cotton linter fibres which are the softest innermost fibers which surround cotton seeds and reformulated into an amazing soft material that can hold 10 times the amount of liquid than normal cotton. Cupro cotton is great for sensitive skin but suitable for all skin types.


Key ingredient of Polatam Masks:

Korean Oak Sap extract contains Niacinamide and also acts as a natural preservative.